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Center Stage Dance Academy

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: Center Stage Dance Academy, Plymouth, MA. Mission Statement Here at Center Stage we believe that every child is an individual. Our focus is to bring that individualism out with freedom of expression and creativity, in a safe and nurturing environment. Our mission is to pass on our passion for life through our love for the art of dance to the students of Center Stage Dance Academy. Center Stage Outreach Team The Center Stage "Outreach Team" was created to bring the art of dance to everyone in the community. The "Outreach Team" is comprised of specially trained students and [...]

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The Dance Foundation

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: The Dance Foundation | Birmingham, AL Dance is a joyful, transforming experience for students of all ages, abilities, and circumstances.  It speaks to the spirit and invites exploration and purpose. The Dance Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by generous corporations, foundations and individuals.  We teach 2,000 students each week through our Studio Program and Community Partnership Program.  Our studios are also home to dozens of artists and arts organizations for classes, workshops, rehearsals and performances.  The Dance Foundation has been a gathering place for learning with and through dance for more than 40 years. The Dance Foundation [...]

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Mojalet Dance Collective

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: Mojalet Dance Collective Mojalet Dance Collective was founded in 1991 by three North San Diego County Artists, Faith Jensen-Ismay, Mary Neuru, and Linda Zambrano: three educators in dance working in college establishments; they found a need to provide opportunities for dancers, choreographers and other artists post graduation. Mojalet continues to serve as a platform for established and emerging performers and artists to share their work. After more than a decade of creating work,  Mojalet formally filed for non-profit status in 2003, with Faith Jensen-Ismay taking charge as Artistic Director. Mojalet performs domestically and internationally with a major focus [...]

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Westar Radio airs DA:NCE

Remember what happened at the 2019 NCOSE (National Conference on Sexual Exploitation) Conference in Washington DC? DA:NCE was privileged to film numerous amazing interviews from leaders in the field about why hypersexualization in dance harms children. As I write this blog, the DA:NCE Team is working diligently to release a new video resource using NCOSE experts that will expose the difference between healthy and harmful children's dance; hopefully, it will empower adults to speak up and protect children. You can look forward to reading more about that topic in August. What about July 2019? Well, it’s Westar Media. I’ve just completed 5 public service announcements (PSA) for Christian radio that are scheduled to go out in August with 5 additional [...]

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The Wooden Floor

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: THE WOODEN FLOOR At The Wooden Floor, we love dance. It’s powerful. It has the ability to encourage our youth to think differently about themselves, to push through obstacles, and emerge as strong and confident leaders. It’s why our students call us their second home, why on the dance floor they feel supported, able to embody who they really are. It’s why, when strategically integrated with our academic, college and career readiness, and family services, 100 percent of our graduates do what less than half of their socioeconomic peers have done—finish high school on time and immediately enroll [...]

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Kaleidoscope Dance Company

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present our first featured dance organization: KALEIDOSCOPE DANCE COMPANY Is the longest-running modern dance company in Seattle, founded in 1981 by Anne Green Gilbert. Is a modern repertory dance company of boys and girls between the ages of 6-17. Alumni can be found dancing professionally, choreographing, attending college, and working in fields such as health, research, design, education, technology, and the arts. Works with well-known choreographers including Wade Madsen, Pat Graney, Bill Evans, Tom Truss, Christian Swenson, Shirley Jenkins, Jurg Koch, Paige Barnes, Eva Stone, Vincent Thomas, Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino, Debbie Gilbert, Joanne Petroff, Ellie Sandstrom, Maya Soto, Anna Mansbridge, Marlene Strang, Karin Stevens, [...]

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