Who is Soul to Sole Choreography?

Soul to sole dance choreographySonLight Dance (now known as Soul to Sole Choreography) began in 1994 under the direction of Mary Margaret Bawden. The name for SonLight came from John 12:35-36: “The man who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going; put your trust in the light while you have it so that you may become Sons-of-Light.”


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Who is DA:NCE

Dance Awareness No Child Exploited

In children’s dance classes around the nation, young children are learning to dance with choreography that hypersexualizes them and their bodies. These children have become covert victims of sexual exploitation in what used to be a safe place – the dance studio. Children’s dance is being distorted and the art form of dance is being hijacked.

As awareness grows, more and more dance educators, parents and concerned citizens are speaking out against this cultural shift toward normalizing the hypersexualization of children in dance.

Providing education and resources to end the sexualization of children in dance

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How can parents or concerned adults know if their child’s dance studio teaches healthy, educational dance or unhealthy, sexualized dance?

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What Do The Experts Say About Hypersexualization: In 2020, alongside the coronavirus pandemic, the cultural media onslaught continues to give us the message that the hypersexualization of children is normal.

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