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Mojalet Dance Collective

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: Mojalet Dance Collective Mojalet Dance Collective was founded in 1991 by three North San Diego County Artists, Faith Jensen-Ismay, Mary Neuru, and Linda Zambrano: three educators in dance working in college establishments; they found a need to provide opportunities for dancers, choreographers and other artists post graduation. Mojalet continues to serve as a platform for established and emerging performers and artists to share their work. After more than a decade of creating work,  Mojalet formally filed for non-profit status in 2003, with Faith Jensen-Ismay taking charge as Artistic Director. Mojalet performs domestically and internationally with a major focus [...]

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An Open Letter to Abby Lee Miller from Mary Bawden

Hi friends- Below is the letter I am sending to Abby Lee Miller in Victorville. Please continue to pray for her and for me. As you know, she is in prison. And things are not going well for her. Have you ever been in prison? I have. Maybe I haven’t been behind physical bars in a physical location but I have entered places that have ravaged and locked my soul. I would be blessed to visit Abby and listen to her heart. Just as Jesus has entered emotional cells with me, I pray for Christ to heal Abby in her physical and emotional cells with living water. Lovingly, Jesus comes alongside my/our hearts in outcomes & choices that we wish we could change. [...]

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Immanuel, God with me: A Christmas & New Year’s Reflection

Matt 1:23 "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"-which means, "God with us." I am thankful that God has been with me this past year. He’s there, with his finger on my heart. Working on the Christmas dance at our church has renewed my hope as I look to Jesus in all kinds of circumstances. Sitting before the fireplace one evening in December, I had a moment of reflection. Immanuel came that first Christmas but most people did not see him. They were busy with dance ministry, business challenges, family dynamics, and the ever-changing political landscape. I can relate. I excel at missing the point of Christmas. But [...]

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Book Release: Dance is Prayer in Motion: Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry

Finally. My book, 'Dance is Prayer in Motion: Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry', has been published. Inside my heart, the end result has given me a real sense of listening to one of God's intended purposes for me. I am not an accomplished writer but I wrote. I'm not an accomplished editor but I edited. I'm not an accomplished photographer but I took pictures. I'm not a world-famous choreographer but I listened to the leading of the Holy Spirit, as he showed me, over many years, how to develop the dance ministry at Trinity Church. Of course, many things happened along the way to prevent me from continuing the journey: family health issues, work challenges, church challenges, [...]

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Book Update on ‘Dance is Prayer in Motion: Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry’

Easter Greetings to you all! March 28, 2016 was a celebration that combined the passion I have had for the Risen Christ as well as for dance ministry. Yesterday, ‘The River’, a song by Jordan Feliz, proclaimed the message of new life in Christ visualized through prayer in motion. In Sonlight dance ministry, I love mentoring the Soul to Sole method of choreography to dance leaders that I am privileged to interact with. Choreographer Tracey Matney helped me to see this wonderful message from scripture: Jesus rose from the dead as he said that he would and redeemed the world with living water; that prophetic reality changed everything. Jesus is all about transformation. The lyrics of 'The River' exhorted us [...]

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