Soul to Sole Choreography workshops teach those who attend to structure Christian dance ministry successfully. Dance is a non-verbal language that impacts people in their hearts and speaks to them on profound levels that no other art form can use.

mary-dance-stepTo facilitate this ministry communication, Mary Margaret Bawden teaches 7 individual Soul to Sole workshops to help churches and dancers in their creation of a specific form of Christian dance called prayer-in-motion. This specific form of Christian dance develops the craft of choreography to communicate Biblical truth. Soul to Sole Choreography workshops can be presented in a weekend format; they can also be presented individually. Each session is 2 hours long. A weekend format using the techniques taught in Soul to Sole Choreography allows for further dance creation, sharing of dances that participants have already presented, and the time to learn new dances that can be used in future ministry opportunities.

Note: All 2-hour workshops include a combination of lecture, video, discussion, and movement experiences (to use in your ministry).

Workshop I – Soul to Sole Foundation
When does a dance become living water? Workshop I covers the foundation for giving glory to Him with worship that communicates visual faith. And what about the confusion that exists between secular dance and Christian dance? Why does the church have a problem with dance? Video examples give clarity to the problem. On a practical (and fun) level, get ready to experience Jewish folk dance, surf-boarding with Noah, the choreography tools of locomotor and non-locomotor movement, and a special format for a worshipful warm-up.

Workshop II – Leadership: Passion for a Heart with Soul
It’s easy to lead dance ministry with outward form and no inner passion. What leadership combinations produce passion for Jesus? A short leadership test identifies leader strengths and weaknesses with two practical lists defining reactive versus responsive leadership. This workshop also includes the format for a choreography/leadership covenant between ministry leaders and a choreographer along with a practical look at how to create scripture choreography that can be used in ministry settings.

Workshop III – Movement Tools: Motion into the Soul
Workshop III gives you ‘the goods.’ It includes the eight choreography tools a choreographer uses to create a dance. This session is accompanied by practical experiences implementing many of them. Get ready for lots of new ideas! It also includes a fabulous warm-up format that works for any group you are rehearsing. Finally, it addresses a difficult topic: erotic movement.

Workshop IV – Soul to Sole Choreography: Six Steps to Prayer-in-Motion
Workshop IV provides the know-how for successful choreography. This workshop explains a six step method that will help you to learn the process you need for finished choreography presentations. Each step is clearly presented and leads to the next step. No more choreography confusion as you prepare a dance; watch the stress melt away as you learn how to implement Soul to Sole Choreography that leads to Prayer-in-Motion.

Workshop V – The Rehearsal Process: Movement Patterns
Are you overwhelmed by all that needs to happen throughout the rehearsal of a dance? This workshop details practical rehearsal methods that WORK. It showcases the importance of a rehearsal covenant (are you tired of no-shows?), the importance of dance preview (and how to set it up), gender issues (and why men are so important to dance ministry), a welcome letter that outlines your dance ministry expectations to new-comers, and clear examples of appropriate attire in church settings. There’s even more practical information: a simple congregational dance, moving together in several warm-up creations, and a discussion of the four essentials for successful dance ministry.

Workshop VI – Genesis: A Creative, Practical Choreography Tool
Are you challenged with the process of creating interesting movements? Are you frustrated when you use the same movements over and over again? Do you ever wish you were able to mesh different levels of dancers together with choreography skills that blend their dance background without frustration from them or you? Finally, do you want to incorporate men into dance ministry with ease? This workshop will include hands-on access to choreography creation for men, women and children of all dance levels and ages. LIFE-CHANGING. It will also discuss the value of both trained and untrained dancers in church dance programs, and the ‘why’ behind congregational motion prayers. Click here to learn more about Genesis.

Workshop VII – Christmas Carols-in-Motion: a festive way to outreach in your community during the Christmas season.
Don’t miss out on a wonderful way to prepare for the Christmas season. Whether you learn these simple dances using traditional Christmas carols in July or in December, you’ll never forget to gather and repeat the experience from year to year! This non-threatening, fun workshop is designed for all ages of friends and family members. It’s intergenerational. After learning these simple dances, any part of the session can be used for a holiday outreach at shopping malls and other settings

workshop-250-ClassFor dates and times of upcoming Soul to Sole Choreography Workshops or to schedule a workshop for your group, please contact us here.