All choreography videos on this page use the 6 step choreography method as defined in ‘Dance is Prayer in Motion: Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry’. The video examples include a variety of choreography creation using technically trained dancers as well as untrained dancers.

Redeemer, Savior, Friend

Choreography by Mary Bawden
Redeemer, Savior, Friend: This motion prayer involved 3 men with no formal dance training background [one was a social worker, one was a pilot and one was an electrical engineer who is now in sales]; on the other hand, they were men of faith who were passionate for Jesus. In Redeemer, Savior, Friend, I used the genesis approach to choreograph the entire dance because the men would have looked awkward doing any kind of formal technical movement. Genesis works for trained dancers as well. Look at the movement of the ladies and the later integration of both the men and the women to see the success of a dance entirely choreographed using genesis phrases. That is the beauty of the method that I have described in my book. In Redeemer, Savior, Friend, I wanted to communicate the concept of Jesus as a personal Savior who cares intimately about his children. Redeemer, Savior, Friend was given finalist status in a secular choreography festival that chose selections from choreographers all over the country.

Open Me

Choreography by Mary Bawden
‘Would you open up my eyes so I can see?
Would you open up my ears so I can hear?
Would you open up my mind so I can know?
Would you open up my heart so I could love you more…’
The Greek translation of the word anoigo (the word open) is used literally, of “a door or gate.” It also refers to the “opening” of the eyes, Acts 26:18; the ears, Mark 7:35 This prayer in motion created a visual snapshot of openings showing the possibilities that deepen faith when we admit dependance on Jesus and look to Him as our guide instead of relying on ourselves.


Choreography by Mary Bawden
Flow- to move as a liquid does; move in a stream; to stream forth; to pour out; plentiful
Overflow- VERB flow over or spread across; flood
2. to flow over the brim or the edge of
3. to cause to overflow; fill beyond capacity
4. to flow or spread beyond the limits
5. to be more than full or complete, be superabundant

This prayer in motion used young children to celebrate the desire to overflow with Jesus. Ribbons, turns, and constant movement captured the concept. Then we invited the congregation to accompany the sung chorus with their own simple motion prayer. Watch how some of the children led the congregation in the chorus: ‘And overflow in me Jesus, overflow in me, Pour your spirit out, Jesus, and overflow in me.’


Original choreography by Tracey Matney
Song “Architecture” by Jonathan Thulin
Trinity Church – Redlands, CA

Like Incense

Choreography by Allie Beard
This was the closing piece for our 15th Annual Southern California Dance Concert.
Trinity Church, Redlands CA

The River

Choreography by Tracey Matney
Easter Sunday March 27, 2016
Trinity Church – Redlands, CA

Who Am I?

Choreography by Mary Bawden
This dance tells the story of a believer [the woman dressed in purple] operating and aware of the grace of God. The choice of the purple color was used to symbolize her position as the Daughter of the King in God’s family. The 3 women in white portray God’s grace. Note the changes in the way that grace operates conceptually. God meets us right where we are in life. Jesus doesn’t wait for us to be perfect to extend grace. This dance was developed using several technical and genesis phrases prepared by the choreographer to portray the changing movements of grace. ‘Who Am I’ was a Prayer-in-Motion entry that received finalist status in a national secular choreography festival with dance selections from choreographers all over the country.


Choreography by Mary Bawden
Sonlight Dance Team reminds us to kept Jesus at the Center of our lives.
Trinity Church – Redlands, CA

Power of the Cross

Choreographed by Claire Peister
Trinity Church – Redlands, CA

No More Pain

Choreographed by Mary Bawden
The challenge in the choreography process for this dance was to analyze the message in the song [ie –no more pain] in the ultimate context of heaven and, at the same time, to show the authentic pain that Christ-followers experience in a fallen, broken world. The dance needed to demonstrate these 2 clear contrasts using faith as the link that occurs when believers walk above their circumstances with the risen Christ. An inductive analysis of the words to the song clarified the importance of these 2 visual pictures. Notice that a rhythmic walk begins in the choreography as the dancers follow Jesus. Moreover, when He arrives in the dance, there is a change in the movement and the attitude of the dancers as the Lord Jesus impacts their lives. The dancers walk and move with Him in a state of rest. Hence, we see the concept of pain gone by the end of the dance. When the little girl (who dies) returns to her mother by the end of the dance, we are transported to heaven and the restoration of restored relationships. The drama prior to the dance integrates the emotional tone for why we look to Jesus as the healer of all things. In ‘No More Pain’, both the man and woman in the drama had personal experiences with the death of a child. ‘No More Pain’ was another Prayer-in-Motion entry that received finalist status in a national secular choreography festival with dance selections from choreographers all over the country.

The Lion and the Lamb

Choreographed by Tracey Matney
Trinity Church – Redlands, CA