The word genesis means “origin or coming into beginning” (Webster’s). Using the genesis tool creates wonderful choreography that gives glory to God and communicates biblical messages. Additionally, genesis activates organic movement that looks natural; and genesis is important because it accesses all levels of technical ability. To fully understand how to use the genesis tool, Mary recommends that you read chapter 3 of her book “Soul to Sole Choreography: Practical Steps to Prayer in Motion for Christian Dance Ministry” or invite her to teach Workshop VI – Genesis: A Creative, Practical Choreography Tool” for your ministry needs.

Genesis includes the following:

  1. Genesis is a written movement plan.
  2. Genesis describes movements that you want the dancers to create using the movement words found in tools 3-5 of Workshop III. The plan can be long or short.
  3. A genesis plan does not use technical movement terms from a particular dance style (i.e. ballet, jazz, modern, etc.).
  4. After the plan is written, the choreographer distributes it to dancers in a rehearsal on a piece of paper.
  5. Dancers read this written movement plan, and they “create” organic movement choices based on what the descriptive movement plan asks.
  6. All genesis plans invite dancers to create movement with choices from their own organic base. Like detectives, dancers “solve” the written movement plan and turn it into actual created movement.
  7. Genesis plans can be conceived based on lyrics, text, and/or counts of music (that represent a biblical choreography target).

The key for genesis is to have biblical intent behind the descriptions you want participants to solve. You will be surprised at the invention, the beauty, and the power of what develops if you lead the intent of genesis with intentional preparation.