Hi friends-

Below is the letter I am sending to Abby Lee Miller in Victorville. Please continue to pray for her and for me. As you know, she is in prison. And things are not going well for her.

Have you ever been in prison? I have.

Maybe I haven’t been behind physical bars in a physical location but I have entered places that have ravaged and locked my soul.

I would be blessed to visit Abby and listen to her heart. Just as Jesus has entered emotional cells with me, I pray for Christ to heal Abby in her physical and emotional cells with living water. Lovingly, Jesus comes alongside my/our hearts in outcomes & choices that we wish we could change.


Dear Abby-

My name is Mary Bawden. I have a BA in modern dance from University of California, Riverside and a master’s degree in worship from Hope International University. I am the founder of soultosolechoreography.org, have written a book on Christian dance ministry, and have led a Christian dance group at my church for over 20 years. I also have an initiative on my website called DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited). I am passionate about bringing awareness and education to adults so that children under 12 are not engaged in adult costumes, choreography or music. I have numerous materials on my website that address this topic, and, if you check them out, you will see that the two of us have very different perspectives on dance for children.

With that said, I have had challenges in my life and have always benefited from friends that come alongside my heart to care for me, even when those people have not always agreed with my stance on different issues. I live in Redlands CA. That is about an hour drive to the Victorville Federal Prison. If you are open to it, I would like to drive over to meet you and visit. We would not need to talk about faith unless you wanted to. I just want to be a friend for you. Put me on the visitor list and I’d be happy to drive over. While our dance philosophies are very different, I have no question that we can find some common ground and I can be a friend to you.

I also want you to know that I am praying for you and I am sorry about what has happened to you.

much love, Mary Bawden



For you: ”For your heart is where your riches are.” Luke 12:34