Hypersexualization, Hegemony and Me

by Susan P. Lloyd Last October, I was on a flight from SFO to Miami, FL to present at the National Dance Educators’ Conference. I happened to sit next to Nancy Ng from the Luna Institute in Berkeley, California. She too, was on her way to the conference.  Ms. Ng asked the title of my presentation. With a hint of hesitation, I announced; Addressing Hypersexulatization in Collegiate Dance.  To my surprise, Nancy expressed interest and shared the following story:  In Nancy’s home community of Marin County, California, her daughters’ school library displayed a number of magazines. The magazines made available for girls were about physical looks and appearances. The boy’s magazines focused on professions such as science, technology, engineering and [...]

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Is Your Child Being Groomed for Sexual Exploitation?

by Kristen A. Jenson, M.A. “The girls come to the set ‘porn-ready’” remarked one pornographer, as he commented on the changes he saw in the performers. Thanks to so much sexual objectification in the media and in dance, his new female “porn stars” needed little coaching. How tragic. But how understandable. Especially when you acknowledge the powerful messages young girls get from performers like Jennifer Lopez who say they want to be their role models. To raise girls who are empowered to value themselves as more than decorations, let’s be intentional about what they watch, wear and play with. What they watch--avoiding sexualized entertainment Ask yourselves, what messages are my daughters (and sons) getting from the shows they watch? Are [...]

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Center Stage Dance Academy

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: Center Stage Dance Academy, Plymouth, MA. Mission Statement Here at Center Stage we believe that every child is an individual. Our focus is to bring that individualism out with freedom of expression and creativity, in a safe and nurturing environment. Our mission is to pass on our passion for life through our love for the art of dance to the students of Center Stage Dance Academy. Center Stage Outreach Team The Center Stage "Outreach Team" was created to bring the art of dance to everyone in the community. The "Outreach Team" is comprised of specially trained students and [...]

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NCOSE and Corona: DA:NCE Reflections

Hi friends. Right now I’m ‘Singing in the Rain’ and I mean that literally. It’s raining outside. The pandemic we are experiencing has us all hunkered down at home. Because of that, I want to encourage you with some good news and then share several practical ways to adjust to sequestered life. This is the good news: On April 2, 2020, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) released a newsletter that featured DA:NCE. NCOSE is a wonderful organization that provides DA:NCE with support from personal interaction to the current health epidemic. Besides coronavirus, I hope you take the time to look at their website and understand the ‘hypersexualization pandemic’ that has flooded our world. You friends, are the reason [...]

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Presenting a New DA:NCE Resource-‘Healthy or Harmful Children’s Dance: What Do the Experts Say About Hypersexualization?’

Do you have 20 minutes? It’s time for a showing of our new DA:NCE resource. Grab some pop-corn and educate yourself as you watch ‘Healthy or Harmful Children’s Dance: What Do the Experts say about Hypersexualization?’ It’s been quite a journey to produce an original resource for DA:NCE. Our staff has been working full-time since July to create this video. Special thanks go to Neal Thibedeau who filmed experts at the 2019 CESE(Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation) conference last June and who worked tirelessly with me to edit this project. An interesting sidebar to the process involves the child you see dancing in white.  Although we had many experts talking about the differences between healthy and harmful dance, we wanted [...]

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2020 Sexualized Superbowl Halftime Show: What Does the Research Say?

“Over the past decade, the sexualisation of children has become a fiercely debated topic around the globe, with national inquiries recently conducted in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We’ve also seen some spectacular retail fails. In 2006, UK chain store Tesco advertised a pole dancing kit in its toys and games section, labelled as suitable for children aged eleven years and up. In 2009, British bookstore WH Smith stocked a selection of Playboy-branded stationery products, marketed to school-age girls. And in 2011, US clothing label Abercrombie & Fitch released a range of push-up bikinis in their children’s line, said to be appropriate for girls as young as eight years old. Each of these products was eventually recalled [...]

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The Dance Foundation

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: The Dance Foundation | Birmingham, AL Dance is a joyful, transforming experience for students of all ages, abilities, and circumstances.  It speaks to the spirit and invites exploration and purpose. The Dance Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by generous corporations, foundations and individuals.  We teach 2,000 students each week through our Studio Program and Community Partnership Program.  Our studios are also home to dozens of artists and arts organizations for classes, workshops, rehearsals and performances.  The Dance Foundation has been a gathering place for learning with and through dance for more than 40 years. The Dance Foundation [...]

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The Dance of Innocence Restored

By Danielle Freitag, LADC | December 2019 There once was a little girl who loved to sing and dance. At first, she would twirl around the house like a ballerina without ever thinking she needed to have anyone to dance with, or for. This little girl was me, and like so many young girls, I had taken years of dance lessons–jazz, tap, and ballet. As a young girl, there was innocence in the way that I moved. To be able to move freely in expressions that elicit beauty gave a sense of liveliness. I’ve always loved to dance. Dance has also brought healing from the past–a past where dance became seductive and controlled. My song and dance was eventually stolen. [...]

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