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DA:NCE Newsletter – September 2019

DA:NCE Newsletter - September 2019 The Experts Join the Conversation The 5th annual End Exploitation Global Summit was held in Washington DC from June 12-15, 2019. The gathering attracted over 625 experts from all over the world to speak on the issue of sexual exploitation and its inter-relationship to sex trafficking, pornography, prostitution, child sexual abuse, violence against women, sexual assault & violence, sexualization of children, sexual addiction & compulsivity, violence against women, child pornography, and male and female objectification. Although I spoke briefly at the conference, I flew there with film-maker Neal Thibedeau with a clear focus: to film remarks about healthy versus harmful dance from experts in the field. Click to Read More Guest Blogger: Lisa D Long, dancer, teaching artist, [...]

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DA:NCE Newsletter – May 2019

DA:NCE Newsletter - May 2019 Join the Conversation Can I encourage you to join the conversation about DA:NCE? We continue to work hard to educate the public about the damaging effects of hypersexualized children’s dance. We recently released a new video called ‘Coffee and Conversation’ that you may find motivating to share. It is a short and sweet 45-second teaser inviting adults to join the conversation around this important topic. Click to Learn More Guest Blogger: Dr. Bradshaw-Scott, Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Hypersexualization of Girls: A Growing Problem The hypersexualization of women in our Western world has a long, prevalent and unfortunate history. Sadly, in fact, it is not difficult to verify the tragic pattern of this [...]

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DA:NCE Newsletter – December 2018

DA:NCE Newsletter - December 2018 Providing education and resources to end the sexualization of children in dance. In children’s dance classes around the nation, young children are learning to dance with choreography that hypersexualizes them and their bodies. These children have become covert victims of sexual exploitation in what used to be a safe place – the dance studio. Children’s dance is being distorted and the art form of dance is being hijacked. As awareness grows, more and more dance educators, parents and concerned citizens are speaking out against this cultural shift toward normalizing the hypersexualization of children in dance. Visit our Website Like what you see? Consider forwarding this email to a friend! Did a friend forward this to you? Click [...]

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