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Initiative to bring awareness to the
sexualization of children through dance

Christian Dance Ministry

Worship: Praise Beauty
Teaching Celebration Prayer

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How can parents or concerned adults know if their child’s dance studio teaches healthy, educational dance or unhealthy, sexualized dance?

Help stop the sexualization of children in dance studios.

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When does a dance become "living water"?

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About Soul to Sole

SonLight Dance (now known as Soul to Sole Choreography) began in 1994 under the direction of Mary Margaret Bawden. The name for SonLight came from John 12:35-36: "The man who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going; put your trust in the light while you have it so that you may become


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Good Housekeeping = Bad Choreography

It was the soak in the tub that started it all. I wanted a restful evening. I brought home the latest edition of Good Housekeeping from our office and started flipping through the pages. The article titled ‘Why it feels so good to be just a little bit bad’ made me start thinking. I wondered […]

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Intentional dance

Dance does not become ministry because the dancers are Christian. Dance becomes Christian dance ministry when clear choreographic intent communicates the truths of faith using 4 identified purposes.

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