Morning. Hot. I opened the screen door and let out my dog Melchizedek. Eric and I had a phone conference about Soul to Sole Choreography. I heard his interest and I told him what I thought: dance isn’t a series of poses that show technical precision. It’s all about the movement between the movements. That defines dance choreography and life.

Poses aren’t dance even though we sometimes pretend that they are. Poses stop. Movement ‘talks’ continuously. Dance embodies its own language and it speaks to the heart in profound ways. Words cannot easily express all of who I am. But movement does. Motion tells others if my words make sense. People observe the poses between the poses. And they begin to know me.

That’s why dance communicates in a particularly relevant way to this culture. Personal and ministry choreography have an end goal: prayer in motion. How do I know that? Because scripture teaches transparent choreography as lifestyle worship and that’s why dance ministry choreography, at its best, needs to communicate the truths of the gospel from a conceptual base.

What are the movements between the movements that define my life and your life? Is the Lord Jesus at the foundation of ministry choreography and daily interaction? What am I communicating to others as I move? It’s an important question to consider.

Do consider.