Let’s continue the discussion about the importance of leading dance ministry with scriptural rock piles:

Understand the importance of submission. Always speak the truth in love, especially if there are differences of opinion. We need truth in our discussions. Be responsive, not reactive. If there is a leader over you, and a decision is made that you disagree with, follow his or her leadership with respect and with a sweet spirit. Evaluate the attitude in your heart, and watch for sin from yourself. Follow the same guidelines with a dancer who does not agree with a leadership decision you make. Christ wants to see if you honor Him whether you agree with someone or whether someone agrees with you. Trust the God who judges justly (1 Peter 2:23).

Do feel free to openly discuss a ministry concern with a dancer who comes to you with a question one on one; that may evolve into educating dancers with a group discussion. Focus on the issue, not people. Always use a scriptural foundation for answers. Remember that God will help you as you align yourself with His ways of doing things.

Leadership Lookout
Others should be given leadership opportunities if their strength is knowing God, listening to the Holy Spirit, and loving God and others. Their actions should reflect a growing awareness of themselves with an ability to self-correct sinful behaviors. These are participants who usually have a good attitude, express a call into dance ministry, model servanthood and obedience, and submit to leadership. Make sure that all dancers involved in ministry leadership understand the leadership philosophy, sign the leadership covenant, and communicate openly with the ministry leader above them. Watch God build “living stones” to His glory through you and dance ministry.

Scriptural rockpiles are important in dance ministry leadership because it is easy to allow dance issues, dance choreography, personal relationships and/or situational politics to lead decisions rather than Jesus. This is true of any group/person because we live in a fallen world and often our flesh takes the lead when we make decisions. Start each day by meditating and studying the Word of God. Invest intentional time with Jesus. That way there’s a good chance that dance ministry will grow into a reflection of the Lord of the Dance.