Dance does not become ministry because the dancers are Christian; dance does not become ministry because a Christian song is playing while movement is shown. Dance becomes Christian dance ministry when clear choreographic intent communicates the truths of faith using 4 identified purposes: worship, healing, teaching, and/or celebration. Of course, I don’t mean to discount movement preparation at whatever technical level that is being accessed. But without intent, we can present excellent movement that says nothing.

I have a friend who just left her job because the truth of scripture collided with the reality of what she was experiencing there. It compromised who she was and what she was becoming. Knowing Jesus transforms us and affects how we view reality. That impacts us on a practical level. The same understanding is true for the art form of dance. When dance communicates with biblical intent, it changes how we view reality. The Spirit uses dance to transform lives so that we punch holes in a dark world.

Clear biblical communication equals clear initial intent. 1 John 3:18 says that we should love not only with words and tongue but in actions and in truth. In that sense, dance is not only used as an expression of faith but also serves as an example of living a biblical lifestyle.