Dance Studio Toolkit

Facilitate change at your local level. Educate and inform dance studios to stop adult, sexual choreography, lyrics and costumes for children under 12.

The sexualization of our children through dance, lyrics and costuming is a real concern. Some dance studios seem to be oblivious to the problem and continue to create choreography, lyrics, and costuming that exploits and portrays young girls (and sometimes boys) as sex objects. Through our petition, we are building great momentum at the national level. But there is much to be done at the local level as well. Use the documents in this toolkit to start a petition in your own community and send a message that the sexualization of our children through adult choreography, lyrics, and costuming must end.

Education Materials

Read these articles to become informed about the topic. Share with friends, parents and dance studio owners.

Harmful Dance Examples

Here are two sample videos highlighting choreography and costumes that sexualize our children and demonstrate why education and awareness around this issue is critically needed. We all need to reflect on the following question: Does this video and others like it demonstrate a healthy view of both the art of dance AND what is good for young children? The answer is no.

DISCLAIMER: This content may be unsuitable for some viewers.

Start a Petition

Collect signatures for a local dance petition and talk with studios!

Start a petition in your own community. Bring age-appropriate choreography, lyrics, and costuming to center stage at your local level.

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National Supporting Organizations


ECPAT-USA is the leading policy organization fighting the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC).


The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is the leading organization opposing obscenity and indecency through public education and the application of the law.

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