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‘Coffee and Conversation’ at Cal State Fullerton

“In an art form that is ripe for play, creativity, and imagination, as an industry and society we are settling for selling our girls’ childhood to the lowest common denominator.” Elizabeth Gough Schultz, Master of Fine Arts in Dance, UCIrvine When I spoke at 'Coffee and Conversation' 2 weeks ago,  I addressed the lowest common denominator in children’s dance: hypersexualized choreography;  during that time, I also discussed a partial definition of harmful choreography developed by YPAD(youth protection advocates in dance): • Any sexually suggestive movements such as twerking, “booty pops”, lip licking, finger licking, and breast or groin stroking, patting or pointing towards breast or genitalia, lip pouting, or winks that promote a sexual tone. • Mimic obscene gestures, drug [...]

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A Christmas Card in Listening

A Christmas Card in Listening incarnates hope into my soul. Last Christmas I wrote about noise pollution.  It’s a year later and now I’m pondering the opposite of noise. Quiet. I often listen in silence so I can hear my heart. And God’s voice: ” 'Faith comes from hearing(listening), and hearing through the word of Christ' (Romans 10:17)." I’ve also learned that "listening" faith grows my ability to hear other people: “to look not only to my own interests, but also the interests of others” (Phil 2:4). In DA:NCE (dance awareness: no child exploited), personal hearing has gone beyond myself into advocating for the best interests of children. Initially, a Christmas card in listening started an organic journey of my own [...]

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Hypersexualization: How to educate a dance studio with the DA:NCE Toolkit

            Time and time again I hear from concerned parents, grandparents, dancers and community leaders asking what they can do to raise education and awareness around the harmful effects of adult costumes, choreography and music for children. While many of you have probably seen children’s dance that disturbs you, perhaps you didn’t know what you could do about it. This blog focuses on providing a solution to this challenge with the hope that you’ll join me in educating dance studio owners and instructors about the harm hypersexualized dance imposes on children. If you’ve been following along, this blog is the last in a series designed to help you know how to find a healthy, age-appropriate [...]

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How to Avoid a Harmful Dance Studio

Last month I described what to look for in a healthy, age-appropriate dance studio. Now I’d like to travel in the other direction and discuss what defines dance that harms children. Let me refresh your memory. When I use the words harmful dance, I am referring to dances for children that are hyper-sexualized with adult costumes, choreography and music. It's unhealthy dance. If you didn’t read last month’s blog, take a minute to read the APA report on the sexualization of girls to discover the negative outcomes that accompany sexualized movement for children.   First, it should be obvious that all dance studios are not created equal. You, the parent or concerned adult, must investigate a particular studio and determine [...]

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Cultural Awareness in Children’s Dance: A Need for Reflection

Wow. What a wonderful conference was put on by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation(NCOSE) in Washington DC from April 4-8! My husband Richard attended the Summit with me along with Elizabeth Knight who posts social media entries on behalf of DA:NCE and Soul to Sole Choreography. It was the first time that we met face to face😊 Elizabeth is the owner/founder of Aplomb PR in Wisconsin and I highly recommend her services. It was a joy to share time with Elizabeth and Richard, have their support, and then be present to hear the many speakers at this incredible event! Before I share about DA:NCE and my speaking at the conference, can I challenge you with some personal reflections? In [...]

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DA:NCE to Y.P.A.D. Membership

In October I wrote you about joining the DA:NCE team, a team of people who love the art of dance and who love children. This winning team spreads movement education and awareness to protect young children from hyper-sexualization in dance through a grass-roots effort. The cultural reality of the sexual objectification of our youngest citizens actually bleeds into a larger picture. We live in a pornified culture that experts label a public health issue. Last month’s blog gave internet links to materials that I released at the NCOSE(National Center on Sexual Exploitation) Conference in Houston Texas providing awareness on this important topic. If you haven’t already done so, check them out: 4 minute video: https://www.soultosolechoreography.org/dance-awareness-2/ Additional resources include an online [...]

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Exciting News-Introducing YPAD4change

Next month I will return to writing about Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry. However, this month I want to share more comments about the inappropriate objectification of young children in dance. Of course, this has been my focus for the last two months when I have written this blog. The National Center for Sexual Exploitation Conference(NCOSE) that I attended in Orlando Florida on September 10-12, 2015 was empowering and informative. Can I remind you to sign the online petition to stop adult costumes and choreography for children under 12: https://www.soultosolechoreography.org/petition/ Now I have another resource to share with you. God blessed me with a wonderful friendship connection some time ago. Leslie Scott left a message on my [...]

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